What’s Left To Say?

How many different ways are people going to think of to say “lift weights, eat healthily, sleep well, talk to people and work hard”?

How many times can a productivity guru write that blocking off distractions, closing Twitter and following a plan will get you a lot more work done before it stops being a revelation?

How often does one man need to be told to talk to women he finds attractive, surround himself with positive, like-minded people and to disassociate with miserable people before he stops reading about it and starts doing it?

When every topic has been covered to death, when will it be noticed that the limiting factor is not information but application?

When a man finally takes responsibility for his own life, for his own success and for his own growth is there anything he can’t learn along the way?

When a man accepts that he is the sole guardian of his fate, what’s left to say?


(This is a hat-tip to Mark and to Hunter. There is real wisdom to be shared, but too often it becomes another way to avoid the work; not an aid but a distraction.)

2 thoughts on “What’s Left To Say?

  1. I just about pissed myself laughing when I read this, because I understand exactly what you’re thinking and I could have written it word for word.

    When people tell you you’re a robotic, narcissistic, INTJ son of a bitch, just laugh at ’em and carry on doing your own thing.

    You’re doing well mate, keep at it.

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